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Christoph Trappe

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How To Create A Content Performance Culture

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Christoph helps companies share their unique stories more efficiently to reach prospects and retain existing customers. He has run content marketing campaigns across many industries, including healthcare, SaaS and publishing.

In his career, he has led teams of journalists, content creators, strategists and designers to successfully drive results.

Today, he’s a global top 14 content marketer, top 40 B2B marketer and top 100 digital marketer. His blog ( has been listed as a valuable resource in the marketing industry.

His experience spans the full spectrum of digital marketing strategy – including SEO, SEM, UX collaborations and growth-design principles and content strategies to drive results.

A two-time author, Christoph helps companies evolve editorial and marketing teams into a content-performance culture and the use of the Create Once, Publish Everywhere (COPE) model.

His third book on content performance cultures was released in January 2020.

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