Christopher Penn

Competitive Social Media Analytics Strategy

A Session by Christopher Penn (Chief Data Scientist, Trust Insights)

About this Session

Sometimes, just doing your own thing can leave you uninspired. Other times, you face competitors who seem to be doing everything right. How can you adapt your social media marketing strategy to out-think competitors and win in the ever-increasingly challenging social media landscape? In this talk, Trust Insights Chief Data Scientist Christopher Penn will teach you how to use competitive analytics and data to craft an effective social media strategy. Find out what competitors are doing, analyze their data for insights, and build strategy from it.

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2020 Data-Driven Marketing Trends Report


Ever wondered what the best time to post on social media, send emails, run ads, or conduct other digital marketing activities was? There's no shortage of generic advice and generic strategies to choose from, but generic advice yields generic results. Perhaps your industry, your company is different. In this 30-minute masterclass, you'll learn: - How to build a statistically meaningful testing plan to identify best times per marketing channel - How to use Google Analytics and Google Data Studio to build an interactive dashboard that shows you the best times for any given marketing channel's activities - How to roll out your dashboard to colleagues for them to use it - How to use the information to make meaningful, impactful decisions in your marketing What's included in your purchase: - A 30-minute screencast walkthrough and lecture - An audio MP3 recording of the lecture - The lecture outline - An AI-generated lecture transcript - An example Google Data Studio Best Time to Market dashboard you can make a copy of and use Prerequisites: This course requires access to Google Analytics and Google Data Studio. SPECIAL OFFER FOR AGORAPULSE SUMMIT ATTENDEES! Enter code APSUMMIT at checkout for 10% off.


About The Speakers

Christopher Penn

Christopher Penn

Chief Data Scientist, Trust Insights