How To Use Social Media & PR To Increase Brand Awareness And Authority

A session by Ashley Graham
Creative Director, Your Brandista

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About this session

During this session, you’ll find out how to craft and understand your brand’s key messaging, so that you can ensure each for of content you curate acts like a press release on your behalf.

You’ll learn how to manage and optimize your outreach efforts on social media, and get up to date on the best social media management tools that will help you build your influence and attract great publicity.

Ashley Graham is your barista for brewing brand publicity, influence, and authority online.

Ashley Graham is a brand strategist and publicity expert who has a passion for coffee, media collaborations, and connection. To Ashley, every brand has a unique story that wants to be heard and her mission is to be the influence in connecting those stories to the media. Ashley's creative process is to help her clients filter and enhance the main ingredients of their brand and assist them in facilitating a well-rounded methodology on how they need to execute their media outreach plans, story angles, and additional content strategies in-between.